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    How can I invoice DHL using Tradeshift?

    792 23 Created on 2016-10-11 22:36:18; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:00:46

    You can only invoice DHL through Tradeshift if you have received an invitation. The invitation will hold all the necessary information. If you have not received an invitation and have to invoice a certain DHL legal entity, please reach out to your usual DHL contact person.

    Once you have determined your preferred method for sending your documents via Tradeshift, you are ready to start sending to DHL.


    Currently, DHL uses Tradeshift for the following:

    • Inbound invoices (invoices sent from suppliers)
    • Inbound credit notes (credit notes sent from suppliers)
    • Business firewall validation rules and error messages 
    • Statuses (with comments) or invoices

    It is important to note that there is a lot of functionality available on Tradeshift that is currently not used by your customer, including:

    • Reception of documents outside the scope of invoices and credit notes

    Business firewall 

    DHL has also has implemented a number of validation rules on the Tradeshift platform, in order to help receive all the information required to process invoices quickly and efficiently.

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