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    Invoicing DHL Supply Chain and validation rules

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    Invoicing DHL

    Once you have determined your preferred method for sending your documents via Tradeshift, you are ready to start sending invoices to DHL Supply Chain.

    Currently, DHL Supply Chain uses Tradeshift for the following:

    • Inbound invoices (invoices sent from suppliers)
    • Inbound credit notes (credit notes sent from suppliers)
    • Business firewall validation rules and error messages
    • Statuses (with comments) on invoices

    Business firewall

    DHL has also has implemented a number of validation rules on the Tradeshift platform, in order to help receive all the information required to process invoices quickly and efficiently.

    Validation rules

    The validation rules implemented by DHL Supply Chain are:

    • Invoice Number: Your internal alpha-numeric invoice document number without special characters.
    • Issue Date: The date the invoice is issued.
    • Payment due date: Invoices will always be paid based on the previously agreed terms and conditions, as stipulated in your supplier agreement. This will be the date when the invoices will become due.
    • Delivery Date: Date goods or services were provided to DHL Supply Chain.
    • All invoices must have either a valid Purchase Order number (PO Number), or Cost Centre, at the header level, or on all lines of the invoice
    • DHL PO Numbers: All invoices sent via Tradeshift must contain a DHL Supply Chain PO Number. These numbers should be issued to you by DHL at the time of order placement. These numbers can be provided once at the invoice header level, or, on all lines of the invoice. 

    Country Order Number Starts with: Number of characters Example
    United Kingdom 44 11 44010002012
    Ireland 353 11 35301032638
    Netherlands 31 11 31010002012
    Belgium 32 11 32010002012
    Australia AUS 11 AUS10010739
    Sweden 46 11 46010002012
    Denmark 45 11 45010002012
    Norway 47 11 47010002012
    South Africa 27 11 27010002012
    Spain 34 11 34010002012
    Malaysia MYS 11 MYS10000814
    New Zealand NZL 11 NZL10000177
    Portugal 351 11 35110003271
    Singapore SGP 11 SGP10002012
    Germany DEU 11 DEU10012011

    • DHL Cost Centre Numbers: In some specific cases, a five digit numeric DHL Cost Centre Number, also known as a Management Unit (MU) number, might be provided to you instead of a DHL PO Number at the time of order placement.
    • Tax Point Date: Date goods or services were invoiced.
    • Purchase Order Line Number: The corresponding PO line number must be provided on each invoice line to facilitate correct invoice matching efficiency. The PO Line number can be found on the PO document. A single PO can contain multiple POs line. Not providing the correct PO Line number at the invoice line level can result in delayed processing and possible rejection of the invoice

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